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Salary Factors for Accounting and Finance Pros

Have you ever wondered what goes into determining how much money you make? Most companies map roles and descriptions with similar organizations using tools like our annual salary guide. But each employer has their own compensation philosophy. Employers…

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5 Ways to Elevate Your Interview Impact

You’ve printed extra copies of your resume, selected your best interview outfit, researched the company and are prepared ask questions of the interviewer. But if you want to ace an interview for a highly sought-after accounting and finance job, y…

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Working Your Way Up the Ladder

It’s not always popular to talk about “paying your dues,” but the fact is most people start out their careers somewhere near the bottom and work their way up. A combination of hard work, skill, a good network and even luck will move you up the ru…

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Video Job Interview Tips

Job interviews can be daunting – especially if your prospective employer wants to conduct the interview via video conference. If you’re not accustomed to video, you may feel a bit awkward in front of the camera. Technical troubles can also be an …

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