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You own your own business because you had an idea that you believed in. You see a way to profitably deliver the answer to a need. Chances are, you did not dive into your own business because you love the idea of bookkeeping. As important as good bookkeeping it, it is not the highest and best use of time for most entrepreneurs.

For clarification sake, in case you are a new entrepreneur: Bookkeeping is the entry of, or recording of, financial transactions; summarizing them and preparing statements.

In many instances, bookkeeping may evolve into financial strategy. A CPA doesn’t just crunch numbers, so if your CPA is also handling your bookkeeping, they may spot inefficiencies in time to correct your practices and streamline your business. Business today are recognizing the advantage of CPA’s, not just for managing books and taxes, but also to determine profitable new product lines, diversify investments amid other business consulting services.

We Bookkeep. You Focus on Business.

At different stages of your company’s growth, an accountant can make life easier at each step. A CPA who handles your bookkeeping can more quickly spot items that need attention and professional guidance. Because of the training required of CPA’s, they are in a position to know how to address those items, and can timely advise you. A business can house hundreds of types of transactions: investment of capital, taking loans, purchase, of assets, materials or suppliers, sales of goods and/or services, wage payments, salaries, commissions, rent, and interest are just a few examples. Not only is your CPA saving time you might be applying to preparation of your business books, but he or she may also be helping your business become more efficient, saving you not only time, but money.

A bookkeeper is there to record the numbers. An accounting firm that you develop a relationship with, not only records the numbers, but understands how you can implement tools you need to grow, streamline and profit!

CPAs are no longer just number crunchers and tax preparers. Having your CPA handle your bookkeeping is not just getting someone else to do your books; it means having an experienced, trained professional do your books, and advise you along the way on important business considerations.

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