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Our Tax Prep Services:

With constantly updated rules, the tax code is complex and difficult to decipher, even if you really wanted to devote your valuable time to do so. CPAs are required to know it before they are certified and through regular continued education that must be completed in order to maintain their certification. That can save you time and money!

Tax Planning and Projecting, though few tax law changes make big news, there are several recent changes that could significantly affect the way you might handle your own funds.

IRA Rollovers, once an easy way to use or “borrow” retirement money for up to 60 days, has changed. Taxpayers could withdraw money from one IRA for a period of up to 60 days without penalty before moving the funds into another IRA. Effective 2015, IRA contributors can withdraw IRA funds before recontributing those funds only once annually. If you want to move IRA funds in a trustee to trustee transfer, there is no cap on the number of times you can do so.

Knowing what to deduct and what shouldn’t be deducted can be found if properly researched, but that is time…and focus…that has been taken from running the business. And it is just about IRS obligations. Other taxes such as Payroll, excise tax, self-employment taxes, local taxes and more car raise their ugly heads if not handled properly. The decision to hire our CPA s is not just about the cost of hiring them, but is about how much more we can save you and your firm.

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